Our Breathtaking Glacier Day Tours in Alaska

Want to experience Alaska’s wilderness in its full winter glory? Then you have to try out one of our Alaskan Glacier Day Tours, which give you an opportunity to get out and see the glaciers up close and personal.

During your trip on one of our glacier snowmobile day tours, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see not just the glaciers themselves (and walk and snowmobile on them), but you’ll also have the opportunity to see some of the famous Alaskan wildlife, including moose, lynx, ptarmigan and wolves. While seeing wildlife is never a guarantee, there’s always a chance you’ll see something interesting and memorable when you’re out in the Alaskan wilderness!

An Unforgettable Alaskan Getaway to Spencer Glacier

Be sure to bring your camera along with you to document the adventure—this is an experience not many people will be able to get in their lifetimes! While you might not be new to winter weather, you almost certainly haven’t experienced an area as truly wild and rugged as the Alaskan wilderness. For those who come from around the world or from the lower 48 states, it can almost feel like you’re entering an entirely different country.

This five-hour tour starts at either 9 a.m. or 1 p.m., and costs $275 per person, though you can also add passengers to your snowmobile for $150. Our guides will take you up the Spencer Glacier via the Placer River. If, however, the glaciers are closed by order of the forest service, we’ll take you through Turnagain Pass, which still offers some breathtaking views and incredible experiences.

More Winter Day Tours in Alaska

Our glacier snowmobile day tours aren’t the only tours we offer to our winter visitors. There are other opportunities to go on backcountry adventures. The Iditarod All-Day Tour gives you a more thorough wilderness experience and keeps you out for the entire day. This is a perfect option for beginning snowmobilers and anyone who wants to follow the Iditarod Trail and learn a little bit about Alaskan history. We’re capable of customizing any tour you take to fit your skill level and interests.

But no matter what tour you take, they all start the same way: you’ll meet your tour guides, get into all the snow gear (including boots and snowsuits), take transportation up to the trailhead and then get some instruction on how to ride your snowmobile. Make sure you’re bundled up, ready to go and are willing to embrace the adventure and the experience of a lifetime on your day tour!

Multi-day Guided Snowmobile Tours

Finally, if you have an explorer’s spirit and are looking for something a bit more advanced, we do offer multi-day snowmobile adventures, including the four-day Iditarod Adventure tour, the three-day Alaska Explorer trip that takes you from Lake Louise Lodge to McLaren River Lodge, and the Alaska Explorer II trip, which takes you through forests, open fields and historic trails.

There are plenty of options to get you out and enjoying the Alaskan wilderness this winter. Contact Alaska Wild Guides today for more information about our glacier day tours in Alaska!

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