Explore Alaska’s Spectacular Wilderness with a Winter Multi-Day Tour

Planning a trip to Alaska in the wintertime? Venture off the beaten path when you book a multi-day snowmobile tour in the beautiful wilderness. Our tours range from four to 10 days, and always include warm, comfortable lodging for the end of the day. Depending on the tour you book, your accommodations may include some of Alaska’s beautiful and remote lodges, such as the MacLaren River Lodge and the Talvista Lodge.

Iditarod trail winter multi-day tour

Alaska Tour

Our Iditarod trail winter multi-day tour in Alaska will take you out on the Iditarod trail for four breathtaking days. This all-inclusive package includes food and lodging, plus expert snowmobile and wilderness guidance. We take you over frozen lakes, meadows and forests, and if you’re lucky, we’ll see the Northern Lights as we sit around the campfire.

Alaska Explorer multi-day tour

From exploring ice caves to racing through forests, the Alaska Explorer and Alaska Explorer II tours will treat you to some of nature’s most majestic sights. As with our Iditarod tour, this all-inclusive package will provide transportation to the start of the tour, food, lodging and all the gear you’ll need on your trip. You’ll choose from three- or four-day trips.

The highlight of this trip is seeing the MacLaren and Eureka glaciers—a breathtaking view that you can only get when you travel by snowmobile.

Pro tips for your Alaskan winter multi-day tour

Our best tip? Book ahead! Depending on your vacation and what kind of winter multi-day tour in Alaska you want to experience, trips and accommodations can fill up fast. You’ll never have to worry about providing your own snowmobile gear, as it’s included in the package.

Make sure you bring your camera and plenty of extra batteries and/or film, too. You’re sure to see wildlife and scenic views that will have you talking for years to come. We often come across moose, eagles and other animals that are native to the region.

You can also completely customize your tours based on your party size, the number of days you wish to spend and your skill level. Take control of your experience and take a tour with Alaska Wild Guides!

Book your winter multi-day Alaskan tour now

Venturing off the beaten path might just be the best thing you can do for yourself. When you book a multi-day snowmobile Alaska tour, you’re guaranteeing yourself views and adventures that the average bus or car trip could never provide. Don’t just settle for a tour—book an experience!

Since 2011, the team at Alaska Wild Guides has been dedicated to delivering memorable tours of some of the most beautiful landmarks in Alaska. Whether you are looking for a quick activity or day tour or you want an immersive, all-inclusive Alaskan excursion, we are here to make sure that you have the best experience possible.

Find out more about everything we have to offer by giving us a call today. We would be happy to help provide you with an unforgettable Alaskan multi-day snowmobile tour!

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