Have you seen those “Advice from a …” poems? Well it would appear that Mother Nature is full of witty lessons and reminders, which many creative people have captured and shared by means of poetry. So when the opportunity presented itself I couldn’t help but partake in the fun and come up with a little advice from a seagull that I observed one day on Prince William Sound.


Advice from a Sea Gull


Play no matter the weather

Know no bounds

Have fun wherever you go

Reach far and wide


Pace yourself

Remember your limits

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Advice From a Sea Gull


Now here’s the back-story on this particular advice.

It was early May in Prince William Sound just outside of Whittier. The weather was in the low forties with a 10-knot wind and rain that was coming in sheets. Born and raised in Alaska and knowing that you can’t wait for perfect weather to enjoy an adventure, we found ourselves cruising along on our personal watercraft headed to Harriman Fjord about 45 miles outside of Whittier. The day’s conditions were perfect for seeking the limits on our new SEADOO GTI SE 130s.

We were only about a mile out of the harbor when the lead boat came to a slow stop. There in the water was a gull, which isn’t uncommon to see on the ocean but what was strange about this was that it was face down and not moving. In other words, it was dead. This is not a common scene! So, we moved in closer to investigate and upon further inspection we saw that there was something protruding from the bird’s mouth. Derek, being brave, picked up the gull for a closer look only to see that it was a fish tail hanging out of the bird’s mouth. We all circled around and were somewhat flabbergasted to see such a thing. It would appear that the gull picked up a fish from the waters and proceeded to swallow it only to find out that this particular dinner was more than the bird could handle, causing it to suffocate and fall to its death. One of the first things that went through my mind was the good old expression “don’t bite off more than you can chew”.

Over the next several weeks, I found myself thinking about this poor bird and what lesson Mother Nature presented to us on that blustery spring day. It’s easy to let life get out of control whether it be work, family, school, volunteering or any number of obligations that can keep us so busy in today’s demanding world.

I can go on and on about how so many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with all the demands in life but I’m no good at that self help stuff. Instead I’m going to tell you to make sure to get out and have a little adventure now and again because building memories is always fun!